Joe and Steve Winhusen
Joe and Steve Winhusen are brothers native to Cincinnati.  Joe is an artist with a Master’s degree from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  He currently lives in Indianapolis where he teaches art.  Steve is a family physician on the west side of Cincinnati.  He resides there with his wife April and son Daniel.
Their Latest Project:
The Blue Chip City Book of the Dead playfully takes the famous Egyptian text as its basis.  Originally a collection of chapters and prayers appropriate for progression through the chaos of the underworld, the book of Going Forth by Day was often produced ahead of time with the deceased's name penned into it after purchase.  Workmanship was often lax and, in later years, the text does not seem to be understood by the scribe.  Chapters are often missing, incomplete, rearranged, or the accompanying vignette is mismatched to the text.  In this spirit, the Winhusen brothers have produced a unique guide for the perplexed. Professing to navigate the byzantine rules and regulations of modern life, the book’s attention-deficit author becomes increasingly entangled in his search for promotion.

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